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Connected Through Conservation

The faces behind the development of the Guided brand are no strangers to passionate pursuits and stewardship at large. Our team has been "far from shy" when it comes to vocalizing their commitment to conservation - and we have no intentions of turning down the volume. We're owned and operated by a team of outdoorsmen with purpose, anglers driven by action, stewards of our waters and characters as salty as the sea spray our apparel repels. We look forward to connecting with you all in the community, whether that's in line at the local fly shop or online rallying support for just causes, and we hope you'll join us on our journey to tell tales of wild places worth saving.

(pictured left to right)

Captain Benny Blanco: Host of Guiding Flow TV and Voice of the Guided Brand

Captain Cody Rubner: Social Media/Content Director, Copywriting, & Community Outreach

Carsten Hanson: Brand, Product, & Graphic Design

Tommy DiMattina: Brand Photographer & Content Creator

Rex Raymond (not pictured): Product & Brand Development