Perch like fishes

lead by example

Throughout the trials of limitless expeditions, the modern explorer has uncovered a sense of accountability, ownership and duty to protect the wild places that fill his soul. We have vowed to develop a brand with these same principles woven into the fabric of our apparel - and our DNA. Apparel is our forte. It acts as our conduit to align with like-minded outdoorsmen and fellow stewards of the outdoors. Through these relationships, we are able to amplify the voice of conservation and inspire long-term stewardship to protect our natural resources. We wholeheartedly accept the responsibility of faithful stewardship and eagerly welcome any obstacles in the way of driving positive change.

At Guided, we make handcrafted apparel for those who explore the outdoors and venture further. From hunting bonefish haunts on a bank in the bay to patrolling pristine riverbanks out west in search of rises, true adventurers see no geographic boundaries and demand their gear pushes these same limits. While the Guided brand may be fresh on the scene, the minds and hands behind its foundation aren't. We've been vocal in our support of the clean water movement. We've been there for our coastal communities in need when natural disasters shook them to the core. We believe in using the best available science in our decision-making at scale - and we have no plans in changing our tune. Pack your gear and meet us on the dock at dawn. We have waters to explore- and protect - together.